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TWOday and TWOmorrow

11 Jul

We’ve just turned two and I’m down memory lane so here’s a somewhat timeline of our adventures. 🙂

Louie’s and Joyce’s birthday celeb.  This is where it all began. Thanks to our friends Scal, Edward, Louie, Cy, Lem, Dingdong and Nico who did all the interrogation. 🙂   07112010  #FirstPhotoTogether

Jacobo July celebrants bash, 07302010. My first time to meet your WHOLE family. ❤

First Extreme Adventure,  092010. Rappelling with Team Golf in Norzagaray, Bulacan.

I had  you meet my HS friends. 102010

First Out of Town getaway. CWC/Caramoan 112010


Trend Christmas Party 2010 with Papa Bear , 122010 ❤

New Year 2011  with the Jacobos

Surfing Zambales with Vanessa and RJ, 012011

Boracay 022011

Hot air Balloon Festival, 022011

Our first kiddie birthday party, 042011 🙂

Incubus Concert — Araneta, 072011

Us in Singapore 082011

Boracay with friends, 112011 (Uzi’s taking the picture)

Trend Christmas Party 2011

We had our first baby, 12302011

Escalations’ team post Christmas Party, 012012

Vincent and Uzi, the new best buds. Cheers!!! 032012

TM Summer Outing, 042012.

Booze, booze and more booze!

Met your college friends and rode the waves. Surfing Zambales again, 052012

Nanay’s 91st birthday, 072012

This timeline had not covered EVERYTHING but it’s a way to sum up our 2years together. Thank you for another wonderful, memorable 12 months. May we have more years filled with love, fun and happiness. ❤

P.S. Thank you for these adorable roses and this luscious chocolate. ❤


Wonder Corrector

7 Jul

Hi Ladies! I’ve recently learned about this incredible line of organic skin treats, Venus and Mars and I would want to share my personal experience with their products. They are the first Emu oil skin care line here in the country. So for all of you, who would like to go all organic, hope this blog help you decide.

BTW, I have sensitive-oily skin and very much prone to breakouts. It was a pain in the ass trying different cleansers, foams and cosmetics that would match my skin type. There was even a time that I had to consult a dermatologist and have my face pricked. Trust me, you wouldn’t want that. Not only because consultations and treatments are pricey, but also because it is damn painful. So with the hope of finding my perfect match, I stumbled across V&M’s page. Intrigued about what they claim as all organic and natural, I tried some of their most well known products and decided to make a review on them.

I saw this Tonic Liquid Concealer and it really got my attention.

Buying cosmetics online is a NO-NO to me so it’s either I go to Mod Lei in Katipunan or just not buy at all. I was skeptical when I saw this especially when the description mentioned that it matches ALL skin tones given that it comes in one very light shade. Good thing V&M was participating in the I’m Shoe in Love bazaar so I thought why not drop by their booth to verify their claims. And so I did. I put into test their Tonic Liquid Concealer and I can’t believe that it easily blended with my morena complexion. Not only that it did hide those under eye circles but it also did add a healthy glow to my eyes. It doesn’t leave that heavy feel and it’s non-sticky. The only thing I noticed is that it only does light coverage, so if you have REALLY dark under eye circles, you need to have the application thicker. My verdict, 4 out of 5 stars.

(actual ad for the Tonic Liquid Concealer via V&M site)

If you’re looking for a perfect highlighter, my next blog’s for you. Will be doing a review on V&M’s Subtle Sexiness Finishing Powder. (I personally this )

Want to know more about V&M? Visit their website