The Redscale Beauty

20 Jul

Hi LomoLovers!

Have you heard of redscale photography? This is a technique where the film is exposed from the wrong side giving a reddish effect to your pictures when processed. This color shift is due to the red-sensitive layer of the film being exposed after winding the film upside-down into an empty canister.

If you’re interested with this trick, all you need would be two rolls of films, clear tape, a pair of scissors and a darkroom. It’s as easy as one, two, three.


First you need to take a roll of film and pull all the film out if it. Careful not to yank it too hard and make sure that you leave it attached to the spool. Snip it with your scissors, leaving a portion behind.








You then get your second roll of film and cut the leader. Tape the two rolls together but with opposite sides of the film facing up.

Roll the film to the other (film) spool. You can do this using your scissors and please don’t forget to have this done in a darkroom.

When you feel a bit more resistance or that it’s getting difficult to wind the film to the other end, you can stop now. Cut the film leaving a portion exposed and then make a new leader like this one.

And it’s done! You now have your redscale film ready. So grab your cameras… ready, set, SHOOT!


Here are some sample shots.













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