“Income” Tax

13 Jul

Tax is a financial charge levied by the government to income, product or activity. Way way back, practices such as tithing, or an offering of first fruits, can be regarded as a precursor of the income tax. It was believed that the oldest trace of taxation was with the Han Dynasty (ancient China) back in 10CE.

In the Philippines, there has been a forecast that the Bureau of Internal Revenue is expecting an increase in the number of taxpayers by the end of the Aquino administration’s term. And note, it would be up to 20 million taxpayers. At present, there are 11.9 million taxpayers and 20 million tax evaders. (No wonder paying taxes definitely is a pain in the ass since we might be paying for other’s obligation or maybe, it was called INCOME TAX since it becomes “others’ income”) But the big question is, where would all the tax payment go?

Supposedly, taxes are used for:

1. infrastructure projects

2. public security like police and fire departments, defense forces and arms

3. health services which may include preventive immunization shots, disaster relief, free or subsidized health service etc.

4. general services like keeping the water treatment, trash removal, road maintenance

Honestly, with the current situation, I really cannot see not much of a change since the 90’s. Such a shame!

So to our public officials, please, justify the taxes your charging us and we’ll be looking forward to your actions. Thank you.


One Response to ““Income” Tax”

  1. Aldwin Mangaoang July 13, 2011 at 5:52 pm #

    I agree!!

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